"You're more than technology support. You're idea support. You have an understanding of instruction and what makes content deliverable in an engaging way. You keep me pedagogically sound and ensure that I use technology appropriately. I love your ideas and the fact that you encourage me to push the envelope and take risks."

Karen Dunlap

Faculty Partner

"Diann is selflessly helpful to her colleagues and the faculty she works with. She always helps troubleshoot any problem, or if you just need some good ideas, she always has a creative solution for any need."

"As a new instructional designer, she has tirelessly trained me and my colleague, and she helps us whenever we need it. She is a resource to the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology and TWU."

Aubree Evans


"Diann is, far and away, one of the most collaborative and creative people I know. She's a careful listener with a great sense of humor who really wants her colleagues and students to succeed. And not only does she make ideas better, but she improves them in such a way that the end results exceed what you thought was possible, while supporting you at every step."

Leslie Lindsey

Former Co-Worker

"Diann always makes herself available to troubleshoot a problem or answer a question. It does not matter if it is in the moment and I have to call her from a faculty member's desk or working with me to outline and present a Turnitin presentation for a department at TWU."

Heidi Collins


"Diann offers her expertise to help you grow in the instructional design field and widen your tool belt. She’ll happily set aside time to brainstorm nuanced ideas for course design and practical implantation with you. Diann is truly a valued member to have on your team, her willingness to collaborate helps to build well-rounded design and fosters community within the department."

Bethany Germany

Former Co-Worker

"You are awesome like potatoes w/ melty cheese... and onions... and pepper. So fries, I guess."

Bethany Germany

Former Co-Worker


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