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Wedding Details

Welcome, everyone! We can't wait to be legally bound to each other for all eternity, but we're also looking forward to a joyfully stressful day surrounded by our closest family and friends.

Like all great loves, ours began on the internet. But we're getting married in Fort Worth, anyway. Fort Worth is very special to us. Donovan grew up here and Diann got here as fast as she could, like all Texas transplants. This is the town where we met, fell in love, and got engaged (in that order!), so it seems fitting to say our vows here, too.

To take full advantage of springtime in Texas (as well as allow for social distancing), the entire event will take place outside.

  • Ceremony: The ceremony and reception will be held at Sanders Hitch, a farm retreat in the Blue Mound/Saginaw area on the northwest side of Forth Worth.

  • Reception: An elegant fish fry will immediately follow the ceremony.

  • Fun: After lunch, we hope you'll stay for line dancing and whimsy!

  • Kids: This is a family event. Please bring the kiddos! If you don't have kids of your own, maybe you can borrow one for the day!

  • Attire: As this is an outdoor event, we encourage you to dress casually for comfort and play. So... church jeans and dress plastics, for any Maurers reading this.


We hope you also have time to enjoy some of the recreational activities in and around Fort Worth, especially the food. Save some energy for the wedding day, though! It's gonna be epic!


We hope that you find Fort Worth to be as special of a place as we do. Slow down, be present, and celebrate with us. We will see you in the spring!

Much love,

Diann & Donovan


Lodging & Fun

So, where to stay? First off, we want you to know how much we appreciate your willingness to travel during the apocalypse. We hope that you can stay a few days before or after the wedding so we have a chance to visit with you.


There's also a lot fun stuff to do in and around Fort Worth. Visit the Cultural District, eat lots of brisket, take a mosey around the Stockyards, spend a day at Six Flags Over Texas, go to every Goodwill you pass -- and of course, you can always Star Trek 'n' chill. We're obviously partial to Fort Worth, but Dallas also exists.


As the map below shows, we're all over the metroplex. We live in the Irving/Las Colinas area on the northwest side of Dallas. Donovan's parents live in the Lake Worth/Azle area, and Diann's immediate family will also be staying at Sanders Hitch the week of the event.


If you're visiting from outside the DFW area and are looking for a place to stay, we suggest looking in the northwest wedge of Forth Worth starting in Sundance Square and working your way out between Jacksboro Hwy (TX-199) and I-35W.

Look for rentals and hotels near these locations for quick access to fun and family:

  • Blue Mound

  • Saginaw

  • Eagle Mountain

  • Alliance

  • Lake Worth



What can we say? We're way more interested in your GIFS than your GIFTS. We don't want to register for gifts when our lives are already so blessed -- and not just because we finally found each other.


If you still feel an overwhelming urge to give, we ask that you make a donation of time, talent, or treasure to our local St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy. The SVdP Pharmacy is a charitable pharmacy that provides free medication to uninsured Texans in need.

If you're a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy technician -- and we know who you are -- please consider volunteering to dispense medications. If you're not licensed, you can still help by greeting pharmacy visitors and supporting the intake process. Donating money, gently used goods, and cars can also benefit the SVdP Pharmacy. 

More About St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy


Stay Safe

​We know this is an uncertain time. One thing that is certain is our love for each other and our love for you. Please do not compromise your health and safety to attend the wedding. In the words of Diann's parents, take care of business (TCOB).


Before you decide, consider the following:

  1. The wedding and reception are outdoors.

  2. There will be plenty of room to spread out.

  3. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided, and we're keeping an eye on how science-based guidelines continue to evolve.



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