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Audience viewing presentation slides

"PowerPoint Karaoke! (No singing required.)"

Diann Maurer, MA and Aubree Evans, MA

Texas Distance Learning Association Conference, Apr 2015

Session Description:

PowerPoint Karaoke is a growing trend in which participants improv-present slides. The goal is to produce reflective questions for improving the effectiveness of presentation slides in online classes. Bring your favorite PowerPoint and see your presentation through your online students’ eyes.

Female Graduates

“Designing (for) Women: Female-Focused Practices

in Online Course Building”

Diann Maurer, MA

USDLA International Forum for Women in E-learning, Dec 2014

Session Description:

Research suggests there are differences in the online habits and preferences of men and women. This presentation focuses on how we can use available data (or not) to build online courses that are more inviting and more useful to female elearners..

Presentation title slide

“Too Many Toys: Decision Points for a Multi-Device Classroom”

Diann Maurer, MA, Keith Restine, EdD, and Karen Dunlap, PhD

Teaching Professor Technology Conference, Oct 2014

Session Description:

This session provides information regarding the design and development of high-tech-centered learning activities intentionally planned to move students from passive to active consumers of content obtained from mobile devices.

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Film Set

“Motherhood in the Media” 

​Diann Maurer, MA

Invited Lecture, WGS 186: Politics of Motherhood, Berea College, Oct 2014

Session Description:

In this class I talked to undergraduate students about  my thesis research and led them in activities and discussion as they investigated depictions of mothers on television.


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